Sustainability at Laufenberg: PFAS-free products

ByKatharina Gerber

Sustainability at Laufenberg: PFAS-free products

Sustainable processes play a vital role at Laufenberg for many years. In numerous projects, we dedicate ourselves to developments focussing on sustainability and the responsible use of finite resources. A verifiable sustainable supply chain is of great importance to support these efforts.

To us it is not just reducing the carbon footprint, but also about taking social, ecological and economic responsibility within our entire business.

Accordingly, the development of more sustainable and responsible products is part of our strategy. Our portfolio offers products with a high amount of recycling content and the possibility to compare these against standard liners in a CO2-footprint-calculation.

In addition, a major focus is on the development of a solution to replace products containing “PFAS” without compromising the functionality for the end user. PFAS are often found in fluorosilicone coatings used against silicone adhesive, where the use of a standard silicone system would not provide the required release properties. Our new product line for liners against silicone adhesives does include special PFAS free products showing good release characteristics in combination with many silicone adhesives.

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