Our composite products are available in combinations of polyester film and various papers.

Composites with PET core

These composites are made of PETP film laminated on both sides with paper. The PET film provides the composite with the necessary stability and protects it from saturation when wet adhesives are used.

The laminated paper provides the composite with the appearance and drying properties of paper and it absorbs moisture from the adhesive and supports it’s dissipation.  Combinations of paper types and PETP film thicknesses are possible.

Composites with an outer PET layer

This composite is a further development of our double-sided PE coated paper.  Its characteristics include good dimensional stability, very good lay flatness and moisture stability. Thanks to the hard outer PETP layer it is suitable for die cutting.  In comparison to PE coated paper the composite has a very good internal bonding even when solvents are used e.g. Toluol and it offers higher temperature stability.  This means that higher drying temperatures can be used than with PE coated paper.  Depending on the thickness of the PET layer a high tear resistance level is achievable.

Application fields

  • Pre-impregnated fibres (prepregs); UD and fabric
  • Panel pressing