Extensible paper

These special papers offer excellent elongation properties of up to 7%. Characteristically the paper is soft and pliable making it suitable for many applications. One of its uses is as a cover for bitumen products. The carrier is repulpable.

Possible Product Combinations at Laufenberg

Weight: 65 - 75 g/m² (other weights available on request)
Colours:white ( other colours available on request e.g. yellow, natural colour)
Coatings:single and double sided
Print:printing underneath the silicone or reverse side printing possible.
Special products:

Application examples

  • Adhesive tapes
  • Graphic applications
  • Medical applications
  • Composites
  • Industrial and other applications
  • Customized solutions

MGK – Machine Glazed Kraft Papers

Here you can find information about MGK – Machine Glazed Kraft Papers

Handling recommendation

Here you will find our handling recommendations for siliconized papers and films.

Safety data sheets

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