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Pilot projects – making innovations and new concepts work

The interface between laboratory and production: Our modular pilot plant P1 is ideal for the development of new products and connects your laboratory with production. You can also rent our pilot liner.

The system has flexible process variants thanks to the modular design of Click&CoatTM. It can be equipped with different application units. For example, for a thin coating of 0.5 to 5 µm thickness with liquids of high viscosity, it is possible to use a 5-roller applicator. Higher coating thicknesses from 30 to over 300 µm can be achieved with a doctor blade process. Flexo printing is realised with chambered doctor blades, anilox and printing sleeves.

The material, whether film, paper or non-woven, can be pre-treated with a corona unit to increase the surface energy. Drying or curing is possible both thermally with four dryer modules and with UV LED beams. Lamination of other materials after coating is feasible.

In the winding and unwinding processes, the tension can be adjusted as required, while the edge control is responsible for the edge-straight winding of the roll material.

The process data are documented and can be evaluated, so that a scale-up of the process is possible. Particularly high demands on the purity of the production environment are possible thanks to the elaborately equipped air filter system with an F9 filter.

Production parameters

Rent our pilot liner: You too can use our technical centre!

You would like to test a coating on a small production scale? In our pilot plant in Krefeld-Hüls you have the opportunity to carry out coating tests close to production.

Test various production parameters in the coating of papers, films and other web goods and obtain valid test results on a small scale that can be transferred to your industrial production. This ensures a seamless transition from product development to mass production.

If you are interested, please contact our R&D Department

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