Certifications & IMS

Progress through certifications

Our goal is continuous learning and development in all business areas. Therefore, continuously reviewing, learning and optimizing our standards is a high priority at Laufenberg.

  • External audits for certifications always keep us up to date.
  • Audits by our national and international customers give us the opportunity to prove our standards.
  • Our own audits help us innovate our business and regularly optimize our process chain.

We see our certifications as the basis for a future-oriented business as well as for the production of successful products on the market.

Here you can find our latest certifications

Integrated Management System

Our IMS unites several certified management system focal points in a central overarching system.

  • It combines Laufenberg’s various management systems, unites them in a uniform structure to form a large whole, and controls the associated processes.
  • It provides us with an overall view of key business processes, creates synergies and pools resources.
  • It ensures that we continuously improve and develop our performance – in the interests of sustainable environmental protection, customer satisfaction and the well-being of our employees.

Our IMS applies to the entire Laufenberg GmbH and comprises our strategic orientation as well as the common maxim for our daily work. Our claim – our IMS!