Specialised silicone coatings

Laufenberg offers a variety of silicone coatings for specific applications.

  • High speed release systems: When using high delamination speed the release force remains constantly low. This means that even at high speed a realignment of adhesives on silicone coated liners can be avoided.
  • Premium Release System for acrylic adhesives: Our BLA coating offers very easy release values with acrylic adhesives
  • Premium Release for Butyl: Butyl and other similar adhesive products often have a „Stop and Go Effect“. This means that the Butyl compound shows a high release force at the beginning of the delamination process. Smooth and easy delamination of butyl adhesive products is typically not given. In extreme cases it can lead to a complete interlock of the products.  We offer a specific coating using PET and PP/E film developed for use with Butyl applications. This silicone release coating ensures a smooth and easy delamination with most butyl products.
  • Release coatings for silicone PSA: We offer two release coatings for silicone adhesives – a fluorosilicone system and a non-fluoro coating.
  • Smooth silicone coating: We offer an extremely smooth silicone coating for PET film. This coating has minimum surface structure and smooth adhesive surfaces are therefore possible.
  • Silicone coating with low friction: This variation offers low friction levels in comparison to normal solvent free silicone coatings.
  • Coloured silicone: By colouring the silicone the release liner can be easily identified making product differentiation easier.
  • Antistatic coating: Due to our special coating, the effects of electrostatic charged material e.g. soiling, electrostatic discharge in explosion and other electrostatic effects of the Liner can be reduced significantly.