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If you are looking for a paper, film or speciality product as a Release Liner we are the people to contact.


We guarantee products of the highest quality for the tape industry.


Laufenberg accepts no compromises wherever surface quality and lay flatness are essential.

Medical applications

We demand the highest level of care from our suppliers who are subject to thorough auditing.


We have many years of experience in the composite industry and are a recognised supplier to the aerospace industry.

Industrial and general applications

Self-adhesive products require know-how and flexibility.

Customised Solutions

We accompany your project from the beginning and develop customised solutions.

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Our Product Range

Gain insights into our wide product and service offer ranges.

This paper grade encompasses the highest degree of density and offers an optimal surface for a consistent silicone coating.

Glassines – Super calendered Kraft papers

Though also super calandered, this liner is less densified in comparison to a Glassine paper.

SCK – Super Calandered Kraft Paper

Clay Coated Kraft papers combine two major advantages. Due to their top coating, these papers provide a very consistent surface and good dimensional stability.

CCK – Clay Coated Kraft

This carrier is an uncoated paper that is a glazed on one side (Yankee-Cylinder) only.

MGK – Machine Glazed Kraft Papers

These special papers offer excellent elongation properties of up to 7%.

Extensible paper

The extruded PE-layer is primarily protecting the paper against moisture and /or is enhancing the dimensional stability of a liner.

PEK – PE-Coated Kraft

Characteristics of polyester film (PET) include good composite strength, high temperature stability and minimal gauge variation in comparison to other film release liners.


Our newly developed anti-static coating is available on PET films of various thicknesses and colours.

Anti-static PET Film

Thanks to a special coating we have succeeded in producing a single-sided silicone coated film that can be written on the reverse side.

PET Film with writeable coating

We also offer another specialist PET film product which is aluminium metallised underneath the silicone layer.

Aluminium metallised PET Film

Laufenberg also offers PET film in various colours e.g. red, green, blue and black each in different thicknesses.

Coloured PET Film

Our mono-oriented polypropylene-films (PP) feature good temperature stability and tear strength in the machine direction.


All products are clearly labelled with the word „med“. We offer different polyester film, glassine paper and PE coated paper for this area.

Medical Product line

Our composite products are available in combinations of polyester film and various papers.


Laufenberg offers a variety of silicone coatings for specific applications.

Specialised silicone coatings

News Items

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Visit our booth at F-Cell Stuttgart 2021 (trade fair for hydrogen and fuel cell technologies)


Laufenberg will again participate at F-Cell in Stuttgart on September 14 + 15, 2021. This year we are especially looking forward to exhibiting with our own booth. As Laufenberg GmbH – coated fuel cell components, we offer already developed products as well as our know-how as a coating company for further projects in the fuel […]

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R&D: Flat coated materials for technologies in the energy sector


Laufenberg develops special coatings for future-oriented energy concepts. Here you learn more about our R&D products, we offer.

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Release liner for optimized wettability

New Products

… solve the problem of a bad wet out (especially while coating water based adhesives) on the liner.

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Release liner for low tack resin systems

New Products

…ensure a good adhesion even with extremely low tack resins.

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High quality is a must. It is our duty to ensure that we provide the best use and lowest error ratio possible for your production when using our products. We provide as much knowledge as possible and in doing so create the best conditions for an optimum coordination between our products and your requirements. Ultimately it is the quality of our release liners that determines the quality of your processes and products. Our highest priority is to remain quality leader in our business area.


Our high quality products form the basis of all functional uses. Release liners are technical products that need to be adapted to individual specifications according to their area of use. We offer support in the development of new products, in the optimisation of existing products and processes or with any transition to completely new products and ideas. We offer reliable support in purchasing processes and provide any legal documentation required. Quality assurance and delivery agreements are made together:  we deliver globally, reliably and efficiently.

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