Innovation is no coincidence

Innovation is a central building block for the long-term success of the company. With this in mind, we established the Research & Development (R&D) department in 2015, thus creating new scope for innovative projects.

In recent years, there has been an intensive search for innovative and qualitative manufacturing processes for the individual components of the fuel cell. To take this development into account, we have been active in the field of fuel cell and hydrogen applications since 2014. The R&D department uses all the synergies available in the company and draws its knowledge from 75 years of experience in coating technology.

Our new “Coated fuel cell components” business field

Our expert knowledge, many years of experience, state-of-the-art machinery and our high standards of service and quality provide the perfect prerequisites for our “Coated fuel cell components” business field.

Together with research and industry partners, we develop innovative components for fuel cells based on our own coating technology. The aim is to meet the world’s growing energy demand and environmental concerns.

Our products

In this business area, we offer our customers products that have already been developed, as well as our know-how as a coating company for further projects. We have already successfully introduced the following fuel cell components to the market: Catalyst Coated Membrane (CCM) & Silicone Flat Gasket for PEM Fuel Cells.

CCM: More information here.                                          Silicone flat gasket: More information here.

Pilot coating liner

For the production of new products, our pilot plant P1 with various roller applicators or a doctor blade has been available since 2017. In the pilot plant, liquids are mixed in quantities of up to 50 kg and rolls of up to 500 kg are processed. This makes it possible to develop and produce small series with little effort and material input. Customers and business partners have the option of renting the pilot plant.

Pilot plant P1: Available for customer-specific innovations, projects and for rental

Details of the pilot plant & information on renting here.

Hydrogen car Toyota Mirai 2

In line with our business field “Coated Fuel Cell Components” and the product developments of our R&D department, Laufenberg has recently acquired a hydrogen-powered car.

The Toyota Mirai is an impressive technology carrier. It combines the advantages of a combustion engine with those of an electric car. Like an electric car, driving is completely emission-free, but you can refuel up to 650 kilometres of range in five minutes. Just like a car with a combustion engine.