Laser Markable Release Liner

Permanent Markings on siliconized Release Liners

Silicone is a release coating with very low surface energy. This makes it impossible to print on top of a silicone coating e.g. with an ink-jet system. Laufenberg has now developed a new “Laser Markable Release Liner”. This special release coating has unchanged release properties, but in combination with a UV Laser (355 nm) a clear marking is possible.

A UV laser is a cold laser and does not just burn the paper. It initiates a reaction within our new release coating, which results in a grey to black tamper proof marking (cannot be removed e.g. with solvent). We can coat our laser markable coating onto different paper and filmic liner, which allows printing individual part numbers or serial numbers onto these release liner with a UV laser.

If you are interested in laser markable liners, please contact us and we will advise you individually to find a suitable solution for your application.