Silicone coated release papers and films
The backbone to your success


Silicone coated release papers and films
With Competency and Flexibility


Silicone coated release papers and films
Loving care to detail



Also in 2017 Laufenberg decided to pass on presents for our business partners. Instead we will donate 5.000 € to the Stups- Kinderzentrum.

The Stups-Kinderzentrum is the only hospice for kids and youth that is integrated into the daily routine of their healthy family members.
“We are connecting healthy and sick kids from families with a variety of needs, stresses and strains.”



Paper substrates:

SCK - Super calendered Kraft
MGK - Machine glazed Kraft
PCK - PE coated Kraft
CCK - Clay coated Kraft
Latex Impregnated Kraft
Paper with high wet strength

Filmic substrates:

PET – Polyester
PET – Polyester, metalized
PP – Polypropylene



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