Silicone coated release papers and films
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Laufenberg Your partner for high quality silicone coated release liner.
We are a leading, family owned company, operating successfully for more than 60 years. The combination of a team comprising of highly qualified and dedicated experts and state of the art technology has given us the reputation as a competent and reliable partner. A short and clearly defined decision making process, as well as an intensive communications with our international clients, is a prerequisite for optimal customer oriented product solutions.

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Loving care to detail

Besides protection of sticky surfaces, release papers and films fulfill essential functions during the manufacturing process or in the final product application.  Optimal process ability, defined release forces within narrow tolerances, good lay flat and die-cutting properties are just a few aspects in view of the functionality of a release liner.

Especially during the development phase, all these influences must be carefully considered. Laufenberg stands for decades of experience in this field.

A wide spectrum of analytical equipment, combined with sophisticated and especially developed  test methods offer Laufenberg the basis of an effective product development work.