Heat conductive electrical insulation paper

Silicone coated paper for electrical insulation with heat conductive abilities.

Our new special coating allows us to improve the performance of current commercially available insulation papers for high voltage and thermoconductive applications.


There are various papers for electrical insulation available on the market. However, the properties of conventionally used insulation papers are not sufficient for some applications.

Our research and development department has developed a special coating in order to improve the electrical isolation and heat conductivity properties of the paper significantly.

Product structure and availability:

Principally, our papers are available in different thicknesses with our special silicone coating. We offer different variations of the coating and its properties.

The temperature stability depends on the appropriate type of paper and the customers application. The coating itself is stable up to 200 ° C.

Possible applications:

High-voltage generators, high-voltage transformers, electric motors, battery stacks, high-voltage switchgear, capacitors, chokes, converters, high-voltage batteries, high-voltage cables, lightning protection, semiconductors, HVAC / heating, ventilation and cooling systems

Delivery possibilities:

The product can be delivered as sheets or on roll with max. 570 mm width.
Our research and development department would be pleased to receive your customer-specific requests.