Flat Sealing for PEM fuel cells

Our new developed silicone flat sealing is specially designed for applications in PEM fuel cells.

As an important component of the fuel cell, our gasket provides sealing inside cells (between the bipolar plates and the membrane) and over the water cooling system. Please find an illustration below.

In comparison to other silicone sealings available on the market, our flat sealing stands out due to its stability and optimal positionability in the stack.


As a result of our manufacturing process, the surface roughness of the sealing is very low. Due to the even surface profile, only little surface pressure is required to ensure a high density in order to keep the cell waterproofed and gastight.



Our sealing was developed in cooperation with our customers and research institutes, in order to offer affordable high quality sealings for the growing fuel cell market.

The material can be offered in almost all requested thicknesses.  At the moment, thicknesses of 200 – 700 µm are commercially available. A thickness tolerance of only a few microns is achievable using existing production technology.

We offer the material in log rolls or as formats. Assembly can be completed using a laser or water stream and with conventional cutting tools.

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