Fuel cell components


In our new business sector „coated fuel cell components“ we are offering completely developed products as well as our know-how for new project in the emerging fuel cell sector.

Our research and development department is specialized in coatings for web-based and flexible carriers, to be offered in roll- or sheet dimensions!

Silicone-Flat sealing for PEM-fuel cells

     High density and improved stability

     Optimal positioning and handling

     Very low surface roughness an even surface profile with high adhesion

Full-scale production of PEM-fuel cell electrode layers

     Adjustable amount of Platinum

     Even and homogenous surface profile with coating weights of only a few µm

     Roll dimension – suitable for serial productions

Pilot coater

     Available for customized innovations, projects and for rent

Contact directly our research and development department:
Dr. Sebastian Kohsakowski
+49 (0)2151 74 99 551