R&D Products

In 2015 our Research and Development Department expanded and moved into new facilities.  Here, based on over 70 years of experience, we continue to develop innovative products with new coating techniques.

In both funded and non-funded projects we work relentlessly, in cooperation with industrial project partners and technical universities, to develop new products.

For the production of new products, we use our new pilot coater equipped with various coating heads including a doctor blade.  In our technical laboratory we can mix fluids, up to 50 kg, and produce rolls of up to 500 kg.  This enables us to develop and produce a small batch of product with minimal material use.  The pilot coater can be used and leased for work by partners and customers alike.

Pilot Coater

✔ Available for customized innovations, projects, and rental

Discover also our new business field “coated fuel cell components”

Here we offer our customers already developed products, as well as our know-how as a coating company for further projects:

Flat Sealing for PEM fuel cells

✔ Extremely gas-tight and with improved stability
✔ Optimal positionability and processing
✔ Reduced surface roughness and even surface profile with excellent adhesion

Serial production of catalyst-coated polymer electrolyte membranes (CCM)

✔ Individually adjustable metal content
✔ Available in roll or sheet dimension for serial productions
✔ Customized & Made in Germany

Contact directly our RnD-department:
Dr. Sebastian Kohsakowski
+49 (0)2151 74 99 551