PET Film with writeable coating

Thanks to a special coating we have succeeded in producing a single-sided silicone coated film that can be written on the reverse side. This coating allows writing with conventional pens and pencils, (e.g. Ballpoint, felt tip (fibre), pencils). Printing with water-based printing inks is also improved.

The following applications are possible:

  • In medical industry:
    Labelling of stoma bags, e.g. individual markings on stoma bags to mark exact size using a template.
  • In the graphic arts industry:
    Sketching the cutting form onto the liner helps individual formatting and design of graphic elements.

Thickness: 50, 75, 100 and 125 µm other thicknesses upon request
Colours:transparent, white, coloured PET on request
Coating possibilities:writeable on one side, rear side with silicone
Silicone:from easy to tight release