So that things run smoothly… also during the Corona crisis.

ByJulian Dickhoff

So that things run smoothly… also during the Corona crisis.

In these difficult times, our top priority is still the continuous and reliable supply of high quality release liners to our valued customers. To ensure safety of our employees we act according to the recommendations from the RKI (Robert Koch Institute) and the Federal Ministry of Health. Apart from the already existing Hygiene policy, we implemented further measurements that include, amongst others, rules for keeping a certain distance to each other and actions to avoid a direct contact between departments. Where possible some of our employees work from home.

These safety measurements are also implemented in our production facilities that at this point are running without limitation. With a strict separation between the two coating plants and their strategic separate location within our complex, we should be in a position to still manufacture majority of our products even in the worst-case scenario of having to shut one of the plants. To avoid any supply shortages created by transportation delays we call off all raw materials where possible.

To keep up our service to you our team is available by phone and e-mail without any limitations. In some cases video calls with one person from Laufenberg is also possible.

At this point, there are no cases of infection within our company.

As a matter of course, we are in daily contact with our key suppliers and transport companies. As things can change on a daily basis, we are happy to keep you updated here.

We´re in this together. Stay healthy and safe!

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