So that things run smoothly… also during the Corona crisis.

ByJulian Dickhoff

So that things run smoothly… also during the Corona crisis.

In these difficult times, our highest priority is the protection of our employees and the continuous and reliable supply of high quality release liners to our valued customers.

To ensure safety of our employees, we have implemented the measures as specified and recommended in the SARS-CoV-2 occupational health and safety regulation of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (version 20.8.2020). Our specialists and the company’s occupational health and safety representatives have drawn up and implemented extensive action plans for all work areas and are continuously adapting them to the new circumstances. Risk assessments were updated accordingly in all areas as required, and operating instructions were drawn up and trained.

As before, we keep departments separated, have created distance between the individual employees, both in the work and in the break area, and avoid personal contact with one another as much as possible.

These safety measures have been implemented also in our production facilities, which are currently running without restrictions.

Clear substitution rules should allow any breakdowns to be bridged without problems, so that our processes are not endangered at any time. Due a strict separation of the two coating plants and their strategic separate location within our complex, we should also be able to relocate the majority of our products to the other plant and thus continue to be able to maintain supply, even in the worst case scenario. For this purpose, raw materials are called up earlier where possible in order to avoid delivery bottlenecks due to delayed transport times.

It goes without saying that we are in daily contact with our main suppliers and transport companies. Since conditions can change from day to day, we are happy to keep you up to date.

In order to be able to continue to offer you the familiar service, our team is available to you by phone and email. Video conferences with a participant from Laufenberg are also possible to some extent.

We´re in this together. Stay healthy and safe!

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