First place for company health management

ByJan Pauli

First place for company health management

Laufenberg is delighted to have been awarded first place in the IHK Middle Niederrhein „For the company with the best health management with 50 – 500 employees“.

We were awarded this prize for various reasons including:

  • Factory canteen, external canteen, newly renovated break rooms
  • Football group, running group, weekly fitness course, bike training
  • Fresh fruit days – fresh apples on offer weekly
  • E-Bike charging station
  • Ergonomic workstations with height adjustable desks and lifting aids in the production area
  • Back training for office employees and for the production area at each individual work station
  • Laufenberg has continually worked on health management since 2002 and this point was praised.
  • A critical look was taken at effectiveness in each department


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